“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

Dorota Zglobicka is an award-winning film director (including Telly Award 2020), designer and visual artist who was born in Poland, working and living in the USA. She studied at the Multimedia Department of the Academy of Fine Art in Athens, Greece, and in Gdansk, Poland where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree.
Zglobicka creates films, documentary films, music videos, video-art, and video installations. She is also a Fashion Designer who created brand Theo Doro. Check it out here 

In 2010 -2013 she had worked at Wroclaw Audiovisual Technology Center – film studio created for multi-layer images in real-time. The studio is a product of Zbig Rybczynski’s extensive scientific research, his US patents and experience as a creative artist.

In June 2009 she participated in Masterclass Rutger Hauer Film Factory in Rotterdam, where, from all over Europe only 5 directors were invited. She cooperated with Rutger Hauer who played in her short film titled “3”.

In 2009 The Best smart Short Film Award at the “I’ve seen films”, was won by Dorota Zglobicka, for her ‘Be Smarter’, produced during the 2009 Rutger Hauer Film Factory Masterclass in Rotterdam.

2010 2nd prize for short film LOVE AND SHADOW at International Film Festival ZubrOFFka in Poland.

In 2008 in a short film competition for the remake of the first polish motion picture, organized by TV Kino Polska, Zglobicka took honors and 2nd place for her short animation.

From 1998, her work has been shown in Poland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel, and the U.S.A. Her shorts have been shown on Polish TV channel “Kino Polska”.

Currently, Zglobicka is also fighting with the Polish Government, making a documentary about it titled "Whistleblower" see more here

Inspired by the natural beauty of the American Southwest, she recently moved from Europe to the USA along with her husband Zbig Rybczynski www.ZbigVision.com who is an Oscar-winning filmmaker among many other awards around the globe film awards, including MTV awards and Emmy for the first HDTV special effects production ever made.


Together they have created a film studio where they are working on in pre-production for their upcoming feature film THE DESIGNER.

ABOUT: Our Desert Storm veteran hero, Peter, is a player in the underworld of narcotics smuggling and must pit two Drug Lords against each in order to fulfill his contract to get the big shipment from the US into Mexico. His cover is that he is bringing his fashion line from Arizona to Nogales, Mexico for a fundraiser hosted by the local drug kingpin. Riding shotgun is his spoiled mafia princess Sofie, who almost blows the deal. Everyone they meet while navigating the treacherous US/Mexico borderland wants a piece of the action, and most will die trying, but the payload is finally delivered in a most dramatic fashion.

THE DESIGNER will present a new cinematic vision to the genre of thriller. Beginning in mid-2020, principal photography will commence shooting on location in Arizona and Mexico. We look forward to your contributions. If you would like to support our production, please go here. 

– Andrei Tarkovsky

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