Dorota Zglobicka is an award-winning film director (including the 2020 Telly Award) and visual artist born in Poland, working and living in the USA. She studied at the Multimedia Department of the Academy of Fine Art in Athens, Greece, and in Gdansk, Poland where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree.

She has worked with different film forms, from video art and experimental short films to documentaries featuring critical social issues like corruption in politics and social injustice.

Together with five other European film directors, she was invited to participate in the prestigious Rutger Hauer Film Factory in Rotterdam. She worked with the Emmy Award-winning actor Rutger Hauer who appeared in her short film entitled “3”.   

Love and Shadow - her debut film, which she wrote, directed and produced in Greece, brougth her two prestigious award in 2010. Her work has been shown at film festivals in Poland, Germany, Russia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel, and in the United States. To date, she has produced and directed over 30 titles, including award-winning commercials in Europe and in the USA. 

Inspired by the natural beauty of the American Southwest, she recently moved from Europe to the USA together with her husband Zbig Rybczynski who is an Oscar-winning filmmaker among many other awards, including MTV awards and Emmy for the first HDTV special effects production ever made . 

Curently they work on their new feature film, for more info go here