Development My Own Private Groundhog Day

My Own Private Groundhog Day

Director:  Dorota Zglobicka

Screenwriters:   Dorota Zglobicka

Genre: Documentary Film



My Own Private Groundhog Day - A universal tale about people who were forced to give up their lives for a while, and it's on the path of change. While people are in lockdown the world moves on, and it is on the path of change. 



My Own Private Groundhog Day is an insightful documentary that highlights the lives and mental journeys of regular creative people like musicians, actors, artists, business owners, and more - during pandemic 2020 in the background of huge social changes. 

The film follows quarantine stories in the background of George Floyd revolution trough SpaceX/Nasa expedition, Graduation, Prom, Pride Month, Easter, and more. 

Among others, the biggest issues created by the lockdown is Mental Health. We observe how Jung's theory of Collective Unconscious become pandemic of Collective Depression.


Documented over 6 months and filmed by all community members with something to say or show to their isolation and social distancing. Twenty people, twenty different stories of dealing with those trying times, mental health, missing family, boredom, or having fun, as well as anger about racial injustice. 


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