Documentary Film about CRAZY 2020

Updated: Mar 1

My Own Private Groundhog Day - A universal tale about people who were forced to give up their lives for a while. While people are in lockdown the world moves on, and it is on the path of change. 


Teaser no.1

Hey, wanna be a part of our global story? If yes, we need two things from you. For the beginning:

  • Share any of your videos from your time in 2020/21. What is it that keeps you sane? exercise, painting (other art projects), dancing, cooking, reading, Netflix, playing with your animals, sleeping, have you participated in any pandemic social media challenges, protests?

  • Homeschooling? tell us more.

  • Record your thoughts (optionally) video or just sound: your perspective on your life, on your art, and the world at this time. Are you depressed or happy, angry...? What's your perspective on how it's handled in the world. Record horizontally on your equipment (smartphone, tablet, computer)

  • Video, Photos from your COVID TEST.

  • Vaccination - are you going to vaccinate yourself?