Join our Documentary Film about ISOLATION

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Currently we are working on a documentary film about all this craziness and how it's affecting our minds and life in general. I just want to give back to the community and tell a story about (for some) though times.

See more info about the project here:

Hey, wanna be a part of our global story? If yes, I need two things from you for the beginning:

  1. Share any of your videos from your quarantine time. What is it that keeps you sane? exercise, painting (other art projects), dancing, cooking, reading, Netflix, playing with your animals, sleeping, have you participated in any pandemic social media challenges?

  2. Record your thoughts (optionally video or just sound): your perspective on your life, on your art, and the world at this time. Are you depressed or happy, angry...? What's your perspective on how it's handled in the world. Record horizontally on your equipment (smartphone, tablet, computer)

Have you heard any jokes about isolation, quarantine, etc.?

Tell a joke about THIS time. #CoronaJokeChallange

Here is mine :) “my high-heels must think I'm dead” (you can say this one too:)

Please, send your video clip to via google drive or any other cloud. (Email with subject "Documentary Film Covid")

We’d love to include your experience in this film. We want to see what you see. In this film we will be cutting together shots taken from our houses looking in/out at the world, to explore both the specificity and the universality of a day in life under quarantine. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The choice is yours. The views you capture may be unexpected. They may be expected. They may be staged or spontaneous.

ADDITIONALLY, please share with me, recorded by you videos (anything you recorded so far or what you will record) :


  • Hand wash video, any other social media pandemic challenge you participated.

  • Putting your mask

  • Say in your native language "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"

  • Panoramic video showing your surroundings

as well as something what you see around you or you were a part of the events:

  • Apartment complexes, homes, rural areas, suburbs

  • weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.

  • Social distancing: people together, or apart, wearing masks

  • Work: our frontline workers in grocery stores, restaurants, factories that remain open, office buildings, retail

  • Empty streets

  • First responders: ambulance, police, or firetrucks

  • Exercise: joggers, bikers, workouts in the park

  • Families: parents, children, older people, siblings, people together in the time of COVID-19

  • Preparation: masks being put on, gloves, wiping down door handles, or car handles

  • Deliveries: food, mail, Amazon, Postman

  • Affection: two people kissing, same sex couples kissing, handholding, chivalry

  • Celebration: fireworks, social distancing get-togethers, practicing music, happy hours

  • Life goes on: moving in or moving away, leaving for work, dropping off kids, kids playing outside wearing masks

  • Stress: an argument outside on the front lawn or backyard, difficulty parking, physical altercations, frustration

  • Pets: dogs walking, cats, birds in a clear sky

  • Maintenance: watering a lawn or garden, sprinklers turning on, clearing leaves, cutting grass

  • Taking the edge off: a person smoking a cigarette, a person smoking cannabis, a person drinking alcohol

  • And many, many more,

We are looking for ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS WITH SOMETHING TO SAY to their time under lockdown, isolation. ALL TYPES of individuals in the community, including frontline workers, business and industry leaders, artists, musicians, poets, speechwriters, younger children, elderly folks, etc. – anyone who has something to say about their time in isolation. Let them know. No compensation for participation due to zero-budget-production.

Click this link to make your donation.

You can also donate to help with the production of this movie,

donations will be used for marketing and insurance.

Click the blue link and type the amount you wish to donate. Your name will be mentioned in the end-titles of the film

unless wished otherwise.


Send your videos clips to via google drive or any other cloud. (Email with subject "Documentary Film Covid")

Email us with questions.


Director/Producer Dorota Zglobicka




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