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DIPLOMA action-reaction 2003 documentary

DIPLOMA action-reaction 2003 documentary

Deconstructing fe/male entanglement Problems connected with an issue of relation between female and male constitutes from some time a question interfering wider in every spheres of thoughts. There appears an issue of social androgynia, which draws its roots from the feminine philosophy. A short comment: this stream of feminism has been initiated in the half of nineteenth century in the United States and is known as the first wave of feminism. In such discourse inscribes the creation of Dorota Zgłobicka. I mostly think about her installation called "Action-Reaction". Artist raises by psychoanalytical tools and recalls to the historical theory connected with the subject -- the problems connected with the issue of permanent conflict between female and male. That is why the subjectivism of mentioned problems connected with the issue should be underlined. The inscription in the patriarchal culture don't have to be one dimensional. On the one hand female is subordinated over the imposed orders, rules and prohibitions. On the other such experience doesn't have to totally throw away masculine elements from her life. Although the artists states that she doesn't show the way to the solution of such problematics she is showing the mechanisms that stimulate the masculine element through its alienation by means of emphatic gesture. Such activity was a part of her installation that I have mentioned before -- "Action-Reaction" -- to put it simply she didn't allow males to get inside of a structure covered with fat. Such activity constitutes a kind of perverseness and coquetry from the male's point of view. Though from female's it takes rudimentary meaning. There ensues the inversion of the roles: female begins to make the rules. Dorota Zgłobicka doesn't give an answer, nor suggestion for the solution of the wide problems of feminism and gender issues concerned with relation between female and male. Artist places this discourse in an interesting point of view. Her creation is multi dimensional, while reinterpreting issues connected with gender questions. Agata Rogoś ART CRITIC
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