2010 “ Love And Shadow” 20’'58, Greece

II-nd PRIZE at ZubrOFFka International Film Festival, Poland


2009 “ be smarter” 1’, Holland

Best Smart Short Film Award at “I’'ve seen films”, Milan


2001 „ THE TRIP” 1,06, Greece

Honors at III Short Film Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland


2009 “ wielki powrot antosia” 3'’40,Poland

Honors of Kino Polska competiton for the remake of the first polish motion picture


Best Designer Award 2019

Best Designer in Tucson 2019, Arizona Fo

2020 BEST SILVER TELLY WINNER at 41st Annual Telly Awards  for Dorota Zglobicka and Zbig Rybczynski . 

BEST SILVER TELLY WINNER at 41st Annual Telly Awards  for Dorota Zglobicka and Zbig Rybczynski

Best Designer Nomination 2016

fab des nom 2016.jpg

Best Designer Nomination 2016

tuc mod mag nom 2016.jpg

Best Designer Award 2017


TOP 5 Designers in Arizona

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