Love and Shadow

Director:  Dorota Zglobicka

Screenwriter:  Dorota Zglobicka

Genre:  Short Drama


Love and Shadow - short film, 20'58 min.

A short story about a man, who after losing his family has lost himself into his memories, alcohol, and visions. He knows that he has to stop blaming himself for losing them, but it seems to be something he can't overcome. The question is: who has lost whom?


Petros: Argiris Thanasoulas

Angela: Nina Adamopoulou

Skia: Antigoni Doomou

Daughter: Rania Gossiar


Producer:  Dorota Zglobicka

Screenplay, Director: Dorota Zglobicka

D.O.P: Dionisis Likiardopoulos, Kosmas Kokkaris

1st assistant director: Olga Bakopoulou

Production manager: Efstathios Matsouris

Costumes: Christina Mathea

Choreographer: Olga Spyraki

Photographer: Kosmas Kokkaris

Editing: Dorota Zglobicka

Composer: Adrian Newgent

Sound mixing: Szymon Straburzyński

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Directors:  Dorota Zglobicka

Screenwriter:  Dorota Zglobicka

Genre:  Short Drama

"3" - short film, 3'20 min. Rotterdam. Produced at the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory 2009

Directed by Dorota Zglobicka,

producer Anil Kunnel, 
D.O.P. Lex Schmeetz, 
editor Josèff Iping, 
actors: Monic Hendrickx, Geerteke van Lierop, Nicole Moerland  
Voice over by Rutger Hauer

The Vision

Directors:  Dorota Zglobicka, Zbig Rybczynski

Screenwriter:  Dorota Zglobicka, Zbig Rybczynski

Genre:  Short Drama


The Vision - co-director Zbig Rybczynski short film, 9'58 min. Film is about paradox of seeing. 

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Directors:  Dorota Zglobicka, Zbig Rybczynski 

ScreenwriterDorota Zglobicka, Zbig Rybczynski

Genre:  Fashion Film


Actress Ariana Gonzalez

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