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Music Video SO COOL/ Lexa Raquel, dir. Dorota Zglobicka

Music Video SO COOL/ Lexa Raquel, dir. Dorota Zglobicka

"So Cool" music video, directed, shot, and produced by Dorota Zglobicka. with lyrics and vocals by Lexa Raquel. The song is produced by Chris Pine. Set against the stunning scenery of Arizona, the video takes you on a journey through the desert landscape, following a girl as she drives her old white truck up and down hills and along empty roads. As the R&B and funky jazz-inspired beats of "So Cool" fill the air, the girl's journey becomes a celebration of the carefree and adventurous spirit that defines the song. The girl's journey is filled with moments of pure magic and wonder, from stopping to picnic under the shade of a Saguaro cactus to walking along empty roads and desert vegetation with nothing but the desert landscape stretching out before her. Shot with a 360 camera, every frame of the video is brimming with life and beauty, capturing every detail of the stunning scenery and infusing it with a dreamy and ethereal quality. As Lexa Raquel's smooth vocals take center stage, you'll find yourself completely swept away by the enchanting visuals and funky jazz sound. The combination of stunning scenery, playful energy, and irresistible beats makes "So Cool" a music video that you'll want to watch again and again. So come along for the ride, and discover the magic of "So Cool" for yourself. So COOL conceived and directed by DOROTA ZGLOBICKA written and performed by LEXA RAQUEL music produced by CHRIS PEÑA costume design by THEO DORO production by DOROTA ZGLOBICKA ZBIG VISION LTD GILA MONSTER STUDIOS For more information about the performer visit For more information about the director visit
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