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SO COOL music video is live now!

SO COOL music video with the Billboard-charting artist LEXA RAQUEL is now live and ready for your viewing and hearing pleasure!

We are honored to have had the opportunity to create a music video for Lexa's latest single, SO COOL, which is just a glimpse of the incredible music that's to come on her upcoming album.

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LEXA RAQUEL is a Billboard-charting singer-songwriter and musician based in Tucson, Arizona. Her first solo album was recorded at the age of 20 with the Nashville record company, Desert Sol Records

Growing up immersed in a diverse range of musical genres, from rock 'n' roll to funk and beyond, Lexa has developed a sound that is uniquely her own, blending elements of soul, jazz, and country to create a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Her passion for jazz is evident in her recent work, and her upcoming album promises to be a true masterpiece, showcasing Lexa's incredible range, versatility, and artistry.

In addition to her original compositions, Lexa is a masterful interpreter of classic songs, bringing her own fresh and dynamic perspective to every performance that leaves the audience captivated.

Lexa Raquel's upcoming album is a true labor of love, featuring collaborations with some of Tucson's most talented musicians and producers, including Chris Peña and Mike Moynihan.

A girl driving a car
Lexa Raquel / SO COOL

SO COOL music video, directed, shot and produced by Dorota Zglobicka. with lyrics and vocals by Lexa Raquel. The song is produced by Chris Pena. Set against the stunning scenery of Arizona, the video takes you on a journey through the desert landscape, following a girl as she drives her old white truck up and down hills and along empty roads.

As the R&B and funky jazz-inspired beats of SO COOL fill the air, the girl's journey becomes a celebration of the carefree and adventurous spirit that defines the song. The girl's journey is filled with moments of pure magic and wonder, from stopping to picnic under the shade of a Saguaro cactus to walking along empty roads and desert vegetation with nothing but the desert landscape stretching out before her. Shot with a 360 camera, every frame of the video is brimming with life and beauty, capturing every detail of the stunning scenery and infusing it with a dreamy and ethereal quality.

A girl on the desert
frame from SO COOL

As Lexa Raquel's smooth vocals take center stage, you'll find yourself completely swept away by the enchanting visuals and funky jazz sound. The combination of stunning scenery, playful energy, and irresistible beats makes SO COOL a music video that you'll want to watch again and again. So come along for the ride, and discover the magic of "So Cool" for yourself.

A girl under the Saguaro cuctus

We are also excited to share that SO COOL has entered the festival circuit in April 2023, and we've already received some amazing news. In just a short amount of time, the video has been selected to feature in four different festivals, each one a testament to the hard work and creativity that went into our production. We're grateful for the recognition and thrilled to have the opportunity to share our art with a wider audience. We can't wait to see where this journey takes us, and we're excited to continue creating and sharing our passion for music and film with the world.

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